Filenios personal advising service is addressed to any occasional watch buyers, enthusiasts, or even collectors (men or women), interested in finding selected watch models (brand new or pre-owned) from all over the world, in particular among relatively unknown watch brands. The global watch industry is a vast formation including more than 600 active brands from over 40 countries, with my primary and secondary research covering approximately 90% of the entire market in the early 2020s!

This service is provided exclusively in English or Greek language through e-meetings of 30-45 minutes worldwide (Microsoft Teams, Zoom, etc), and it is addressed to individuals with a minimum level of knowledge about watchmaking. For this reason, anyone interested could get herein comprehensive information about the history of major watch industries, and could download a series of e-guides and e-books regarding the most significant watch brands and models, available in the market until the 2020s.

Filenios advising facility is fully independent, and it is not subjected to any commitment to any brand. This service is prepaid from the watch buyer, with a flat fee per item including: (a) Working with the potential buyer on targeting the right type of watches. (b) Searching through internet the international market for finding the best available watches (including email contact with sellers if necessary) and selecting up to 3-4 alternative offerings. (c) Advising on the final decision and the handling of potential issues after sales, for a period of one month after purchase. Filenios is not involved in any kind of purchasing or delivering process. Filenios could not be responsible for hidden defects of any watch purchased upon advice, given the proper evaluation of both the seller and the watch selected, according to the available information and pictures.

Prepaid fees per budget (Payment through bank transfer)

Up to 1,000 euro – Fee 60 euro +24% VAT

1,000 to 10,000 euro – Fee 120 euro +24% VAT

10,000 to 100,000 euro – Fee 240 euro +24% VAT

100,000+ euro – Fee 480 euro +24% VAT

The fees correspond to certain hours of work being non-refundable.

Time is money! This is the answer to the profound question “why should I pay someone a fee in order to buy a watch”? The time someone needs to make a thorough research before his/her decision, plus any expenses related to the potential wrong decision taken, cost much more than the fees mentioned before! Besides, this facility does not include only the market research, but even more the support of a pre-owned watch purchase including the guidance for proper service and strap replacement if necessary.

For those interested in this service, please fill carefully the relevant application form on the CONTACT page (you need only two minutes), for initiating the process.