Established in 2013 in Athens-Greece, FILENIOS is a creative horological platform with a triple scope. First, it provides useful information including downloadable E-Guides & E-Books, in an effort to present the international watchmaking history and achievements in a comprehensive way. Second, utilizing a significant experience in collecting, designing, customizing, assembling watches since 2004, it operates as an independent personal adviser for occasional watch buyers and collectors, wherever in the world, especially for those who are located away from the traditional watch centers. Third, it is engaged in hand assembling projects for a small number of watches, in cooperation with local workshops in Greece, but also with European established brands. Being a small sub-micro-brand, we primarily use selected COTS (Commercial Off-The-Shelf) parts focusing on the designing or even hand crafting of the dials and leather straps, per case. Overall, this is the materialization of a collector’s dream to present his own projects in a global community worthy of respect and admiration.

GS – George Serafimides