The history of railroad watches is one of the most important chapters in the evolution of horology. The fatal historic train collision of 1891 in US Ohio was essentially the starting point, and the American horology set the standards for an entire generation of pocket watches, till 1969 and the last production lot of the legendary HAMILTON 992B, perhaps the most significant American timepiece of all times, produced continuously for 66 years and reaching a volume of more than 1.1 million pcs! These mechanical masterpieces, produced primarily from ELGIN, HAMILTON, HOWARD, ILLINOIS, WALTHAM, were accurate within 30 seconds per week meeting chronometer standards, more than 50 years before the establishment of the Swiss COSC institute. On the other side of the Atlantic, the interest for developing special railroad pocket watches was relatively low among the Swiss manufacturers, with the exception of LONGINES, OMEGA, ZENITH that had been the 3 most active suppliers to railway companies in Europe, Africa, Asia, even Canada.


EXPO (Ex-Pocket) “STATHMOS” meaning station in the Greek language is a casual-dress watch, with our very first dial designed “in-house”. It is based on a railroad pocket watch produced by OMEGA in 1954 and delivered to the Greek company “Peloponnese Railways” (SPAP – First Greek railway company established in 1882) for a lot of 300 pcs. The photos of this vintage timepiece herein derive from the Instagram account of Mr. Petros Protopapas, ex manager of OMEGA brand heritage department. Very similar designs had been adopted by more than a dozen well known manufacturers in the first half of the 20th century, with firm examples being the models of CORTEBERT, DOXA, HELVETIA, MOLNIJA, OMEGA, ZENITH, supplied till the 1970s to railway companies in Australia, Bulgaria, China, Italy, Soviet Union, Turkey, among other countries.


We use qualitative open back polished stainless steel cases of 41-45mm, water resistant tested to 3-5ATM, with front sapphire or mineral crystal and push-in crown. The hand wound mechanism installed is ETA 6498 or respective Swiss or Asian (SEA-GULL) clone. All mechanisms, no matter their origin, are fully serviced and regulated during the assembling process. The glossy dial is of very good quality, with blue electroplated hands. Finally, the black leather strap is preferably hand crafted in Athens with premium leathers, without excluding standard market alternatives from HIRSCH or equal quality brands. This is one-off project of 50 dials. Depending on the mechanism, case, strap selected, the watch is rated between 11/20 and 15/20 with optimum specifications for a GOOD quality timepiece.

Pricing & Ordering

The minimum indicative price of this model equipped with SEA-GULL mechanism and mineral crystal case is around 500 euro (without 24% VAT). The price increases approximately to 750 euro for models equipped with basic grade ETA-6498 mechanism fitted in a sapphire glass case whereas higher grade calibers demand increased prices. Ready-made watches are usually available in our EBAY store, with worldwide distribution, without excluding email inquiries.