This is a casual watch on a prototype single hand design, optionally combining skeletonized mechanisms, fitted in black stainless steel cases. Single hand watches derive from the origins of watchmaking, and are addressed to those who adopt a relaxed perception of time confronting the usual demanding environment for accuracy and discipline. We have designed three black non-luminous dials showing the time on 15 or 20 minute graduations.

Most particular, the “compass” dial furthermore symbolizes orientation showing the time on 20 minute graduations. Like all wristwatches, it can be used as a compass in the following way depending if we are in the northern or southern hemisphere. In the first case, we hold the watch horizontally and align the hour hand in the direction of the sun (best time around 8.00), with the south projected between the hour hand and 12 hour position on the dial (in the afternoon we measure counterclockwise). In the second case, we align the 12 hour position in the sun direction, with the north projected between the hour hand and the 12 hour position. Equipped with a skeletonized mechanism, it is a “three in one” timepiece!


The mechanisms used are primarily the Swiss hand wound UNITAS/ETA-6497/98 including their Swiss or Asian clones, preferably skeletonized versions, depending on the market availability. They are fully checked and serviced during the assembling process, even if they come brand new, fitted in good or very good quality open back stainless steel black PVD cases of 43-45mm, water resistant tested to 30-50 meters, with sapphire crystal and push-in crown. All the watches are fitted with hand-made leather straps of very good to excellent quality, supplied by selected independent craftsmen. Depending on the mechanism selected, the rating is 14/20 or 15/20 corresponding to a GOOD quality timepiece. Photos of 44mm cases on 20 cm (7.9 in) wrist.


Pricing indicatively starts from 500 euro (without 24% VAT) increasing to more than 1,500 euro for watches equipped with top grade Swiss skeletonized mechanism and shell cordovan leather strap. Each and every watch assembled is unique with different details described per case. All the available watches are listed in our EBAY store, with worldwide distribution, without excluding email inquiries.