JORG SCHAUER Kleine (small) is the first awarded (2000) Bauhaus style model of this namesake brand that was launched in the middle-late 1990s. Jorg Schauer is an independent German watchmaker credited with the revival of STOWA brand in 1996, and he is also acknowledged for his own watches with the characteristic 12-fold screw bezels, crafted in small numbers during the last 25+ years. This is my personal review in 08/2023 referring to a watch ordered in 2013.


It is equipped with automatic Swiss Cal.ETA-2824 in elabore grade (with blue screws and Incabloc instead of Novodiac anti-shock system), with a customized and engraved silver rotor. Despite not being serviced for 10 years (occasional and rare use) it keeps time deviating +2 seconds per day that indicates excellent lubrication when was first assembled.

CASE (3/4)

It is the point of differentiation for this brand. This open back stainless steel case is 37.5 x 9 mm, and it is hand treated featuring screws that are functional, not decorative. The watch weight is just 66 gr with the leather strap. Its theoretical maximum water resistance is 50m, with push-in crown that is rather small, but its size does not bother since the watch is automatic. The front crystal is sapphire, supposed to be 1.5mm thick, the back one is not certain. The back is also held with small screws (the same used for the bezel), and checking one of them, they seem to be of firm quality with long thread. The lugs distance is 18mm with sharp (cutting) edges adding to the overall 3-part simplistic design, and they support screw bars with big enough screw heads and expected adequate quality. Overall, this is a very distinctive case making the watch very comfortable and wearable. Finally, the case is individually numbered. Photos of the watch on 200mm wrist.

DIAL & HANDS (3/6)

Both dial and hands contribute to the Bauhaus concept with excellent proportions. The very good quality dial is supposed to be made of brass, but the hands under loupe indicate raw cutting and uncertain material, something acceptable for the watch character. There is no luminosity and the white color is one of several others (black, blue, orange, yellow) used in this model.

STRAP (3/3)

The factory leather strap is plain black adding to the overall look of the watch, and shows durable with very good quality stitching. Ideally, it can be replaced by a thick handmade leather strap with black stitching, or even better by a qualitative stainless steel Milanese mesh bracelet.


This watch deserves an extra point for its case construction, thus the total rating is 14 meaning it is a GOOD casual-dress watch. The specific watch has the number 267, and it was supposed to be among the last Kleine models assembled in 2013, something indicative for the small number of Schauer watches available in the market. It is one of the most affordable timepieces coming from an independent German watchmaker, addressed to those who look for something different.