Hand painting on watches started with the emergence of the contemporary pocket cases in the 17th century. It was done with enamel paints, both on the dial and on the interior and exterior case sides. There are vintage pocket watches with even four different representations on the same case, primarily religious topics and landscapes at the beginning, with portraits, animals and artistic nudity proving classic themes later on. This kind of art had been practiced first in Geneve, considered the center of miniature enameling for watch decoration back then. Luxury brands have never abandoned this tradition throughout their timeline, with CARTIER, CORUM, JAQUET DROZ, PIAGET, ULYSSE NARDIN, VACHERON, VULCAIN being among the protagonists that have kept presenting artistic collections. Common characteristic for all these timepieces their extreme and challenging prices, derived (among other things) by the very fact that the enamel painting techniques used are very difficult to implement, and practiced by very few workshops in the market.

Filenios works

Although we do not follow the traditional enamel techniques like Champleve and Cloisonne, our own numbered hand painted watch dials make up the most impressive work we are presenting among all FILENIOS projects. We use brass or silver dials painted with acrylic, enamel, oil paints, or even a combination of the three depending on the topic and the colors. At the end, the dial is lacquered for better protection and more vivid colors. The whole process is very rigorous, with the miniaturist spending at least 2 weeks for each work considering that every painting demands approximately 10 to 20 sessions of drying intervals and proper corrections, plus the fact that the whole task is done under a microscope or a magnifier. Needless to say, miniature painting requires very talented artists, and we are honored and proud for all of them who participate in this magnificent project!


We work on several painting themes starting with the revival of legendary Greek painter works from the 19th and 20th century, plus a tribute to the contemporary work of Vasilis Vagiannis, one of the best Greek painters in the 21st century. Our collection includes themes with flowers, birds & animals, artistic nudity, among others. All dial works presented are unique, numbered and listed.


All our artistic watches are assembled using very good quality stainless steel cases from 35mm to 45mm, water resistant tested at least to 3-5ATM, with front sapphire crystal. The mechanical movements used are ETA-2801/2824 or UNITAS/ETA-6497/98, or Swiss clones of both, derived from established manufacturers and trusted suppliers. These movements can be found used or NOS, preferably basic grade, and are always fully serviced and regulated during the assembling process, no matter their origin status. The quartz movements used are coming from ETA/RONDA. The leather strap used is always of very good quality, preferably hand crafted. Each and every artistic watch is a unique item with individual characteristics, moreover it is numbered with laser engraving on the case, and recorded in a special archive.

Pricing & ordering

Mechanical watches are priced above 1,000 euro (without VAT) and quartz ones approximately 400-600 euro. Available watches are listed in our EBAY store, with worldwide distribution, without excluding email inquiries.