Filenios watches are of good or very good quality, built to last, on the condition that their holder will stick to the following guidelines.

A mechanical watch that is used continuously should be serviced (disassembled – cleaned – re-assembled and lubricated – regulated – water resistance tested) approximately every five (5) years, unless its accuracy deviates more than ten (10) seconds per day, so it needs regulation or full service sooner. A high water resistance (10ATM+) watch that is used regularly in the sea, should be checked for water resistance at most every two (2) years.

A watch that is used periodically should rest with dial up, and the same holds true every time the watch is taken off the wrist and set aside.

A mechanical watch that rests for a long period should at least be winded every three (3) months, and should not remain without service for a period longer than 10-15 years, otherwise lubricants dry and the use of mechanism causes extra wear and tear.

A quartz watch that stops should change battery (or the old should be removed) as soon as possible for avoiding any old battery leakage.

A watch crown has 2 or 3 positions, (A) pushed in, (B) mid pushed out, (C) full pushed out. (A) position for winding, (B) position for adjusting the date, (C) position for adjusting hour and minute hands. Manual mechanical watches have usually only (A) and (C) positions. For a watch with date, the adjustment requires that the hour hand is always positioned between 3 and 9 o’clock, otherwise the change of date between 22.00 and 02.00 might cause significant wear and tear to certain mechanism parts. After proper hour positioning, the crown is set to position B selecting yesterday’s date, after the crown is set to position (C) and the proper date is set properly AM or PM, with the clock wise rotation of the hour/minute hands.

A watch with 50 meters (5ATM) water resistance or lower should not be used in the sea. Before using any watch in the sea, crown should be checked at pushed in position. Any watch, no matter its water resistance rate, should not be used during shower because the application of high temperature water might build moisture on the dial and inside the mechanism, with consequent negative effect on both.

A watch should not be used or left out in the following conditions, (a) extreme temperatures above 60C and below 0C (left out), (b) strong magnetic fields, (c) strong vibrations (unless quartz).

A watch could be cleaned with a tooth brush, only with crown in position (A), with soapy water (avoid extensive contact around the crown) in normal temperature, and be wiped immediately with soft paper or cloth.

A watch should be delivered for service to any local experienced technician on a free choice of its holder. Especially the hand painted dials should not be heated otherwise they will be spoiled and require very expensive restoration.


RETURN POLICY and LIMITED GUARANTEE are both valid, either the respective documentation have been sent electronically to the buyer or not. Filenios company does not print hardcopies unless it is obligatory. Especially for anonymous watches, only the RETURN POLICY is valid.

Filenios watches RETURN POLICY is valid for twelve (12) calendar days from the day the watch is delivered to the buyer. Filenios company, after getting the watch back (in excellent condition), will return the total purchase price minus any shipment and bank charges, unless the watch has signs of significant use, so the return amount will be reduced accordingly up to 60% of the purchase price (40% maximum reduction). The return amount will be transferred to the buyer within ten (10) working days, from the day Filenios company got back the watch. The RETURN POLICY is not valid, if the watch sent back from the buyer is broken or fully damaged. In such a case, the watch will be fixed and optionally re-sent to the initial buyer with the proper charges.

Filenios watches LIMITED GUARANTEE POLICY is valid for twelve (12) months covering all manufacturing defects, subject to the following conditions and exclusions:

Any guarantee claim should be supported by clear photos of the defective watch and materials.

Any claim for damage during the shipment is accepted on the condition of proper report to the delivery agent.

No claim is accepted for normal wear and tear. No claim is accepted in general regarding the strap and glasses.

No claim is accepted for damages during theft, service or improper use of the watch.

No claim is accepted regarding time keeping (regulation) issues, unless the deviation is more than 30 seconds, and certified/proved by a qualified technician as a claim related to a defective non regulated mechanism. Any cover provided is subjected to logical charges.

No claim is accepted for return shipping costs.

Filenios company does not provide any guarantee for the availability of replacement parts, although there is stock provision for certain parts per case. Limited edition parts are not stocked. In all cases our projects provide the buyer with after-market substitute options for all used parts.