FILENIOS WATCHES – Frequently Asked Questions


Who are you? My name is George Serafimides and I am living and working in Athens – Greece. Started learning about and buying watches in 2004, plus working the idea of “FILENIOS” since the early 2010s. Fascinated by chronographs, “value for money” and anonymous watches, I am a mid-range collector who goes one step further.

What do you know about watches? Compared to my mobile phone, they are at least overpriced! A good watch is a thing with character, historical, technological, symbolic, artistic. My experience includes watchmaking seminars. Not being a pro watchmaker, but practically involved in assembling tasks. I consider PP-JLC-ROLEX being the top Swiss trio, but my most preferable brands have been Japanese and German. My own watches are affordable casual-dress of good or even very good quality, addressed to informed buyers who appreciate differentiation.

Does FILENIOS mean anything? It is a rare ancient Greek name, once used from OMEGA for a model in 1930s. Ignoring the Greek language spelling, I see a synthesis of the Greek words «φίλος» (friend) and «έννοια» (meaning). A collector’s mind always tries to find some meaning behind any timepiece acquisition!

Is this your real job? No, FILENIOS is my hobby and will remain as such! If it was my real job, prices should be double… My target is selling up to 100 watches annually, with each and every watch being the result of a meticulous assembling process in Athens-Greece or Europe. Quality over quantity!

Why COTS parts? Because they are the most credible alternative in the long run! Selected ones have great and tested quality, plus the watch can be serviced easily by an experienced technician locally, anywhere in the world. The watch should last more than the seller!

Do you use Chinese parts? Yes I do, like everybody in the industry more or less! Almost all metallic/ceramic cases are Asian/Chinese, even for high/luxury brands. Dials and hands the same. Coming to mechanisms, the Swiss quartz are most probably A/C parts assembled in Swiss plants. Unless NOS the mechanical calibers used are all Swiss clones of ETA movements, with the exception of UNITAS-6497/98 clones that optionally are the only Chinese movements used, exclusively (think so …) or better preferably from SEA-GULL.

Could you provide some quality tips? Being a collector, I could never sell a watch that I would not buy myself. This is a standard moto and basic principle! All used third party workshops are adequately equipped for all the necessary testing on cases and mechanisms. Involved exclusively in casual–dress projects, crowns are primarily push in to avoid wear and tear issues. The mechanical movements, are all disassembled, properly cleaned/oiled, regulated +10/-5, no matter the origin status (meaning the process applies for the new ones as well). Every watch is assembled by hand, and although we take care of the smallest details, buyers should be tolerant with minor aesthetic (never functional) imperfections, something natural for all sub-micro-brand efforts in the industry.

Where could I buy from? Please first check our commercial platform (ebay) pages, then send me an email using the contact form.