Anonymous watches have been present along the entire history of horology and bare their own sense of mystery. Selecting parts from various sources, and putting them together to have an unbranded watch built, is an amazing experience for any watch enthusiast. For FILENIOS, assembling anonymous watches has been a creative process for testing suppliers and materials, from the very beginning of this effort. Preferably we present historical (like Art Deco and military style), skeleton, unisex quartz watches, etc.

Especially for skeleton watches, the first horologist who created such timepieces was Andre Charles Caron who started his methodical open working of bridges and plates around 1760 in his workshop in Paris. Early 19th century, we can even see skeletonized quarter and minute repeating pocket watches. High end craftsmanship and pure artistic work still demand very high prices, but there are also more affordable alternatives.

All watches available for sale are pre-owned (usually in excellent condition) available in our EBAY store.