ANONIMO Millemetri (ref.2000) was the first model introduced by this Italian brand in 2001. The Florentine watchmaking story did not stop to PANERAI. With the Buyout of 1997, a group of people under Federico Massacesi remained in Firenze and established ANONIMO brand producing watches in Italy from 2001 till 2013, when production shifted to Switzerland, under a new management. This is my personal review in 08/2023 referring to a watch acquired in the pre-owned market, and most probably produced in 2005.


It is equipped with the automatic Cal.ETA-2824 in elabore grade (despite raw finishing), adjusted to 4 positions and featuring Incabloc meaning that the caliber was especially ordered by Anonimo and was (theoretically) regulated above normal specifications during the assembling. Historically, it stopped functioning before 2015, and was serviced in 2020 keeping time adequately (up to -10 seconds per day on the wrist/winder during the review period) whenever used ever since.

CASE (2/4)

The case is circa 42 x 14 mm, stainless steel sand blasted, with satin finish for the bezel and screw back. The total weight is 120gr including the NATO nylon strap. Its theoretical water resistance is 1000m, and it is equipped with manual helium valve. The crystal is sapphire, supposed to be around 4mm thick. The screw-in crown has excellent feeling being one of the strongest points for this watch. The screw back is easily unscrewed revealing a well hosted, very thick gasket on the case, and it is among the heaviest and best designed backs one can encounter in a sport watch. The first very negative issue of this case is that the movement ring holder is fixed (check photo), not removed, so the movement is front loaded, and its detachment requires a special factory tool. The recent service was done inside the case for all the elements on the back side of the plate meaning that a complete service is not feasible away from the brand facilities (up to 70% instead) and such a practice is not followed by all independent watch technicians. The second negative issue is that the lugs are short, with the screw bars being extremely close to the case body (1mm tolerance) to the point that any leather strap fitted will wear out at the contact point with the case, and even many NATO straps do not fit due to their thickness. The distance between lugs is 22mm. It is also noted that in this specific reviewed watch the screw bars have been blocked, and instead of break them, they are now treated as fixed bars. These two “Italian” flaws spoil an otherwise superb construction.

DIAL & HANDS (5/6)

Very good overall quality and design both for the dial (probably made of brass) with the easiest readable numerical indices arrangement of 12-3-6-9, and for the hands that are most probably made of steel. The luminosity is very good to excellent, with slight differentiation between the dial and the hands.

STRAP (1/3)

Considering the lug issue, there not many alternatives. Some craftsmen fit to this model handmade leather straps, but again they are not the best choices for swimming in the sea, and like mentioned before, they will be worn out because the case contact point is sharp (the same holds true for rubber straps). Two – three different thin NATO straps might provide colorful alternatives to the overall look of this particular watch.


This watch total rating is 12 (loosing 3 points for silly reasons) meaning it is a GOOD ENOUGH casual-sport watch. Besides its very low evaluation, it is one of the most representative Italian watches of modern times, and it is considered collectible, along with the rest brand models presented till the early 2010s.